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Frequently Asked Questions

QuickFlickTV is a social media and video on demand streaming service that will let viewers invite people into their virtual homes to watch short content web series and live chat with their friends and family. But the FUN part is having the power to decide which programs get produced, by allowing the viewers to vote for their favorite web series. QuickFlickTV produces, promotes, and distributes free original web series programming.


QuickFlickTV is focused on the niche market of programming that comes in the form of content that is shorter than the traditional length of TV shows. Each QuickFlickTV episode will be around 10 minutes and will include various genres of programming such as dramas, comedies, games shows, reality shows and documentaries.

  1. QuickFlickTV will accept content from outside filmmakers who have filmed a pilot web series, scripted or unscripted.
  2. QuickFlickTV will allow at least 250 pilot web series a month onto the platform and let our viewers be the test market and vote for their favorite web series to either produce or drop. Web series must receive a supermajority “Produce” vote rating and at least 100,000 views to qualify to be produced, distributed, and promoted. 
  3. The top web series chosen by the viewers will have an opportunity to be developed, produced, promoted and distributed by QuickFlickTV. The QuickFlickTV team and filmmaker will review the process and if all parties agree to move forward, QuickFlickTV will produce the first season of the web series and include it in the QuickFlickTV original series.

Disclaimer: To qualify for “Produce or Drop” the show must meet the following qualifications. Must be a scripted or unscripted web series where a full season can be filmed and developed into a 10 minute per episode format. 


A show is not guaranteed to be developed, produced, promoted and distributed by QuickFlickTV. We have the right to terminate this agreement at any time.

QuickFlickTV is FREE! Just WATCH. VOTE. SHARE.

Upload your pilot web series under “Filmmaker” part of the site. The length of the pilot web series must not exceed 15 minutes. If your web series is voted by the viewers to be “Produced” the web series episodes must meet QuickFlick TV’s requirements of around 10 minutes in length.

Analytics will be available to filmmakers to help better gage the audience engagement in each region. Filmmakers will also have access to analytics to see what content viewers are more likely to watch. QuickFlick TV will have numerous other analytics available to the filmmakers to help you maximize your web series being successful.

QuickFlickTV’s, WATCH. VOTE. SHARE. is what we encourage our viewers to do. The more viewers WATCH. VOTE. SHARE. the more viewers accumulate, what is called QuickMoney. QuickMoney is real money that can be redeemed in the form of merchandise. QuickFlick TV will partner up with some of the biggest brands that our viewers love. Viewers will be able to redeem QuickMoney for either discounts or free merchandise.